2021 Food Stalls


FOOD AT CLIFTON – Creamy Seafood & Oyster Pies, Blue Cod Pie, Vension Pie, Blue Cod Burger, Delicious Scallop wrapped in streaky bacon kebabs, Whitebait Patties, Paua Patties, Battered Fish, Battered Mussels, Battered Oysters, Seafood Basket – Mussels, Oysters, Squid.

FOWLER’S WILD BLUFF OYSTERS – Battered Oysters, Raw Oysters, Oyster Soup, Oyster balls. 

FIRST IN WINDSOR – Seafood Chowder, Bluff Oysters, Fish , Mutton Birds - stuffed & boiled, Salmon Toasts, Paua Patties, Soft Drinks, water.

RUAPUKE UNCUT – Fry bread accompanied by Ruapuke Island Honey, Titi Boil Up served with watercress, Dough boys and vegetables. 

RKP Pizzas, Seafood, Meat, Vegetarian - Creamed Paua pizza, Hoisin pulled pork & Crackling Pizza, Blackened fish Pizza, Smoked chicken,Cranberry & Brie Pizza, Venison and smoked mushroom pizza, Classic Mozzarella Pizza, Garlic Bread Pizza, Classic Pepperoni Pizza

OYSTER COVE – Seafood Chowder, Oyster Mini Burger, Oyster Rockefeller.

FRESH IS BEST LTD – Paua & Whitebait Sandwiches, Paua Wontons, Smoked Mussels in shell with mango salsa wrapped in bacon.  Seafood Platter – crayfish, Smoke Salmon, Moki and Mussels

THE SAUCY CHOOK – Korean Fried Chicken Skewers, Salmon Sushi, Crumbed Prawns

BARNES OYSTERS LTD – Live Oysters sold on the shell, 1 dozen pottles of Bluff Oysters – 1st grade, 2 dozen pottles of Bluff Oysters – 2nd grade.

BEST CAFÉ – Blue Cod Bites, Battered Bluff Oysters, Hand cut chips, all cooked in beef dripping and served with homemade tartare.


FINEST KIND – BBQ Scallops served on mesclun salad in a boat, Cockles, seafood sausages,in a blanket, Seafood Platters-salmon wings ,prawns,mussels,cockles,ceviche, and smoked fish,smoked fish platters. Twilight menu: whitebait patties butterfish burgers

WILD AZ  Venison Burger, Pork Belly Burger, guacomole & corn chips Loaded

SEA URCHIN – Kina Pottles & Paua Pottles

THE HIDEAWAY - Crayfish Rolls